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Welcome to one of the ten paradise of the world. Welcome to 50 must visit destination of the world. Welcome to God’s Own Country. Kerala is one of the most beautiful states of India. It is globally known for its scintillating natural beauty, breathtaking backwaters, beguiling beaches, lovely hill stations, etc. All these wonderful attraction of Kerala lures tourists from all over the world of Kerala tours and travels.
India Honeymoon Packages
Kerala has emerged as a paradise for honeymoon couples. Blessed with the scenic beauty of nature, picturesque hills stations, breathtaking backwaters, romantic beaches, exotic flora and fauna, amiable cool climate, Kerala beauty has highly fascinated newly wed couples. Come for a Kerala honeymoon and explore the charm of the romantic beaches enjoying fun filled water sports and activities. Honeymoon tours in Kerala is made even more romantic and memorable by the breathtaking backwaters.
India Weekend Packages
Kerala Weekend Packages is a brilliant idea to make the holidays in Kerala all the more pleasing and happening. It is a familiar concept with the locals as well as the tourists idea as it is trendy and short and less time consuming. Take a Kerala Weekend Package , indulge in a relaxing weekend getaway with sheer comfort scattered around fantastic locations across Kerala.
India Ayurveda Packages
Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala is an intricate system of healing that orginated in India thousands of years ago. Ayurveda is made up of two sanskrit words. 'Ayur’, which means life and 'Veda’, which means the knowledge of to know about life is ayurveda.Ayurveda is a science of life that calls an every individual to live in perfect harmony with his natural enviornment .
India Monsoon Packages
Welcome to one of the ten paradise of the world. Welcome to 50 must visit Kerala monsoon season spans from June and August. Get wet, splash and swim or wade through knee deep waters, sail paper boats, or try out an Ayurveda vacation during monsoon. During your tour to Kerala in the monsoon season, the places that you can cover are Alappuzha, Kochi, Kumarkom, Thekkady, Munnar, Guruvayoor and Vythiri.
India Pilgrim Packages
This pilgrim centre owes allegiance to the Advaitha philosophy in Hinduism. The presiding deity here is the Parabrahma or 'absolute reality'. Being an abstract concept that cannot be symbolized in an iconographic manner, there is no temple structure here. The Ochirakali in the month of, June is famous.
India Ecotourism
Eco-Tourism in Kerala is a fast developing sector in the area of tourism Kerala. Eco-Tourism means development of tourism sector without causing harm to the natural resources and saving the non-renewable resources for the posterity. Eco-Tourism works on the concept of sustainability in tourism. Eco-Tourism in Kerala has taken off in a big way in Kerala, as there are several destinations in Kerala known for their natural beauty.
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